Thursday, January 6, 2022

Kokuyo Stationary Line

Kokuyo Stationary is an empire. A stationary empire that has officially taken over the world (or at least, our office). If you walk into any stationery store and head straight to the back corner, there's a 99% chance you're going to find Kokuyo notebooks. And if you browse through all of those notebooks, you'll find one particular product that has caused a tidal wave of the craze: the Kokuyo Notebook System.

It's not every day you see people using notebooks like this. It even goes beyond "I love stationery!" and lands in: "How do they make these notebooks look sooooo good?" (Yes, I did consider that a sentence.) In this article, I'll be going over three different stationery items from Kokuyo.

Now, many of you might be familiar with a more common type of notebook system where each page is bound on both sides ("multi-ring," "multi-hole," etc.). In this case, Kokuyo has taken that to a whole new level. Let's start with the Kokuyo Campus Note Books. The notebook comes with 3 different sized pages: two pocket-size (A6 and B5) and one large page (B4).

Kokuyo's system is unique because the pages are bound with two rings instead of one on both sides. This means you can expand it by adding extra pages in the back! On top of that, kokuyo has a lot of other items in its fun-loving stationery collection. 

Washi Tape Cutter
Dot liner Adhesive Tape Roller
Campus Note Books
Stapleless Stapler
Two-Tone Highlighters
Triangular Eraser
Smart Ring Binder
Retractable Glue Tape Roller
Loose Leaf Papers
Cookie Binders
Compact Scissors
Pencil Cases
Stand Pen Case
Masking Tape Dispenser
Sharp Mechanical Pencils
Paper Clips 
Ruler Sets
Techo Stencils

All the products are designed with "making paper fun" in mind. This means that all the stuff is functional and very aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, if you love the fun-loving design, don't worry about it wearing off! All of Kokuyo's products are made with materials that will last for the long haul.

Kokuyo Stationery Products

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