Monday, October 4, 2021


The Kokuyo products are designed to provide ease of use for everybody in the school and office environment. Kokuyo brand was founded in 1905 to create book covers for account books. At first, people perceived this brand as a trash business because no one cared about book covers. However, the founder of Kokuyo made enormous efforts and motivated his employees to alter this perception. 

Today, the Kokuyo has become a conglomerate known as the “Kokuyo Group” that manufactures almost every kind of office equipment imaginable. However, the most popular Kokuyo product is its Campus product line. Kokuyo Campus Notebooks are the most popular notebooks used for fountain pen writing.  

Other than notebooks, Kokuyo Group produces markers, highlighters, dot-liner adhesive tape roller, staple-less staplers, triangle erasers, and many more. The philosophy of Kokuyo Group is to enrich the whole world through its products. Therefore, the company is constantly trying to make their clients more creative by carefully observing their work and lives. Other than stationary, the Kokuyo brand also manufactures furniture for composing a space for such intellectual activities. 

The goal of the Kokuyo Group is to develop a more intellectual and creative society. Therefore, they create high-quality and inexpensive stationery products. The price range of Kokuyo products is between $1.5 to $40.  

The Kokuyo notebooks cost about $5, which is quite inexpensive compared to other brands. In addition, these notebooks are great for note-taking and sketching with various writing instruments and are acid-free to preserve your work. On the other hand, Kokuyo Beetle Tip Dual Color Highlighters are quite unique and popular all around the globe. These highlighters contain two tips located right next to each other, so you don’t have to switch pens during work. 

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Kokuyo Stationery Products

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