Sunday, April 3, 2022

Kokuyo Product Range

Kokuyo is one of Japan's oldest yet finest stationery manufacturing companies. When it was founded in 1905, it was intended to solely manufacture account book covers. However, the company diversified its product range with time and introduced more practical products. Over time it developed a reputation as the biggest stationery manufacturing company.

Today, the Kokuyo product range features different kinds of office products and other forms of stationery, including its famous Campus notebooks, pens, markers, pencil cases, and art supplies and accessories.

Some of the products from the Kokuyo range are featured below.

Campus Smart Ring Binder Notebook 

The Campus smart ring binder notebook is a slim notebook, equal to the size of a regular notebook. The binder notebook has ten Kokuyo signature Campus Sarasara loose-leaf paper sheets. The binder notebook has a capacity of 60 sheets maximum. You can get the binder notebook in clear encasing or four different beautiful colors.

Beetle Tip Dual Color Highlighter

The beetle tip dual-color highlighter has two tips offering two different color inks. You can easily switch between the two tips by rotating the pen as they are placed right next to each other. This highlighter is perfect for color-coding, highlighting important snippets, or some cool art activity.

Anritsu Mechanical Pencil

The Anritsu mechanical pencil is a top-quality pencil with a tip size of 0.7mm. Available in five different colors, the pencil is great for drawing illustrations and writing. It is quite comfortable to hold as the hexagonal grip area is encased in rubber and allows for a steady and comfortable hold. The push-button for the lead extension has an eraser that you can extend through twisting.

Corner Paper Clip

The Kokuyo corner paper clips come in a set of three having colors yellow, blue, and pink. These paper clips are great for binding large-sized stacks of paper and can hold up to 40 paper sheets at one time. Practical and adorable, these paper clips are a great accessory.

Kokuyo Stationery Products

Kokuyo is a Japanese company that produces a wide range of stationery and office products, including pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, and m...